About Bram

What started as a love of cooking and eating, a vacation, and an introduction to a new culture, evolved into what is today our company, Bram. We’re proud to say that since our founding, our unique cookware has been featured in various publications and websites, including The Kitchn, The Press Democrat, Saveur, Food & Wine, and MicheleAnnaJordan.com. We hope, through our website, you can feel and share with us a passion and excitement for cooking and the pleasures of the table, and in particular, a fondness for cooking in clay. 

Ashrf, born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, has enjoyed meals from a clay pot his entire life. When we took our first vacation together in Egypt, I stumbled upon clay pots, and being a passionate cook and food lover, returned home with an overweight suitcase. The rest, as they say, is history.  A few years and two children later, we decided to make the age old art of clay pot cooking obtainable for people who can’t bring back a suitcase of clay pots from vacation.

We hope the happiness, the health benefits, and the satisfaction you get from cooking and serving a thoughtfully prepared meal will enrich you and your family’s life. We believe enjoying food with family and friends is one of the most important aspects of life. We also have found claypot cooking can connect you with your food and the experience of eating in a way many other methods of cooking don’t. We encourage you to explore the flavors and rustic beauty this mode of cooking can give to food and we hope you enjoy and share the fruits of your labors with family and friends.

Shelly and Ashrf Almasri