For The Stovetop

A range of versatility for your range!

Looking for the perfect cookware for the stovetop? Our clay bean pots, cazuelas, tagines, among our family of clay cookware for your burners are ideal for creating delicious one-pot meals, soup, stews, and sauces!

The first step in preparing a delicious lamb tagine or Chilean cazuela is to find the right cookware! Clay pots have a long history and have been used in cultures around the world for thousands of years. They cook food using moist heat, which allows the juices of the ingredients to blend together for a robust, flavorful meal that doesn’t require the same amount of fats, oils, or salts that other cookware does. Rather than boiling, the food is gently simmered from the bottom to the top, keeping everything tender, juicy, and evenly cooked.

Our beautiful handmade clay bean pots, cazuelas, tagines, among our wide-ranging collection of clay cookware is durable enough for the stovetop and wood-fired ovens while being versatile enough to cook all your favorite recipes, from perfectly simmered soups, stews, and chilis to gyuveche and tagines. They work well with many types of cuisines, including Moroccan cooking and Mediterranean cooking. Even better, you don’t need to be a professional chef to use them – our pots do most of the work for you!