Oval Covered Casseroles

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One of the cornerstones of any clay pot collection, the covered casserole is what you need for braising stews, fantastic risotto, baked casseroles… we could go on and on!

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Showing all 2 results

Our handmade oval covered casseroles are one of the cornerstones of clay pot cooking! Clay heats the ingredients from all directions, allowing it to cook more evenly than other types of cookware. With an oval covered casserole, you not only have heat radiating from the sides but from the lid as well. Clay retains the heat for a long time, keeping your food warm well after it’s been removed from the oven or stovetop. Our casseroles can also be used in wood-fired ovens – and they’re as easy to clean as they are beautiful!

Clay casseroles are extremely versatile and can be used for so much more than just layered casserole recipes! They’re perfect for braised dishes or for transforming tough cuts of meat into a tender, succulent meal. They can be used for many types of Moroccan cooking, such as stews or lamb meatballs, or even a tagine if you don’t have a tagine pot. They also help to bring out the flavor of Mediterranean cooking, particularly grains like barley, farro, rice, and couscous. You can even bake bread in them! They’re truly indispensable for home cooks of every skill level. Shop our covered casseroles from clay now.