Give it a fry.

Say you can’t sauté in clay? Think again. Give it a little extra time and gentle touch, and you’ll find a well-seasoned clay skillet that can sauté and brown with the best of them.

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Showing all 3 results

La Chamba clay skillets are well-known throughout Colombia, where they’re used widely in homes and restaurants. Their origins can be traced back hundreds of years, and La Chamba cookware continues to be made in the traditional manner to this day. Our Bram skillets are reminiscent of the French poêlon clay skillets found in Provence. Handcrafted in Egypt, Bram skillets can be used for braising and sautéing vegetables and sauces or even roasting meats in the oven.

As practical as they are beautiful, our La Chamba and Bram skillets are the perfect handmade clay skillets for cooking and serving! Create a wide variety of flavorful meals, from sautéed vegetables and sauces to roasted game hens – or, use them as an eye-catching serving bowl for soups and salads!