Bram Tagine, 1 qt. – Terra Cotta Swirls


Bram exclusive. Made in Egypt.

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Conjure up the magic of Morocco by capturing its fantastic flavors in a tagine. The name is not only for the traditional stew of this North African country, but also the clay pot it’s cooked in. The slow-melding of flavors and spices are enhanced by the gentle, even dispersion of heat in a tagine. Meats become meltingly tender, sauces reduce and coat to perfection, and vegetables retain their shape and nutrients.

Some traditional combinations are chicken with preserved lemons and olives, sweet and savory meat with dried fruit, and mixed spiced vegetables. Discover why the tagine is considered one of the greatest dishes in the world.

This simply decorated, handcrafted tagine has a hand rubbed terra cotta finish on the outside and a dark glazed cooking surface on the inside. Altogether, this rustic piece has a look that’s straight from the souks. From stovetop or oven to table, the beauty of this piece surely adds the wow factor to any Moroccan meal. Serves 4 to 6 people.

Swirls Design

12½” x 9½” H (32cm x 24 cm) to the top of  the lid. Because our pots are handmade, the actual dimensions may vary.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 14.5 × 11.5 in

Features & Benefits

  • Terra cotta clay high fired at 2,000°F for strength, durability and chip resistance.
  • All our pieces are completely handmade, natural earthenware. Minor imperfections add authenticity and charm, and are part of the piece.
  • Easy to clean, hand-applied glaze.
  • Lead and cadmium free.

Use & Care

  • Stovetop, oven and microwave safe. For gas cooktops, may use diffuser or lowest heat setting. For electric cooktops, please use only with a diffuser.
  • Clear ceramic glaze provides ease of cleaning. For difficult areas to clean, first soak for a few minutes in water, then scrub with a soft abrasive pad. Do not use metallic scouring pads.
  • Dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing to give the best care to your earthenware. See our section Clay Cooking 101 for detailed explanations and effects of soaps and detergents on earthenware.
  • Earthenware does not like extreme temperature changes. For example, do not take a pot cold from the refrigerator and place it directly on a stovetop or in a hot oven; it may crack.
  • Before first use, please season. A complete explanation of this procedure is explained in detail in Clay Cooking 101.